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The Sneaker You Won't Forget——Union x Air Jordan 4

By Styleonfashion | 04 September 2020 | 649 views | 0 Comments
Following the launch of Air Jordan 1 in 2018, the next Jordan brand collaboration project of Union Los Angeles will be Air Jordan 4.
One of the two rumored pairs of the Union x Air Jordan 4 comes in suede and mesh as an off-black, blue, and red combination arrives on the shoe. I believe many people, including me, are surprised that these shoes have a foldable tongue. "When I was younger, I'd often fold it over and tie it down. I wanted to shorten the tongue. But, I am a fan of collaboration and compromise. So we decided to fold over the tongue and stitch it down, but the stitching can also easily be removed based on the wearer's preference." Gibbs said of the design.

In addition, perhaps the most eye-catching details are the cream midsole and tongue of the shoe. Other details include the translucent wings and shoe box similar to the shoes, with a lot of cream, followed by the Nike Air brand in red.

What are your thoughts on these? Let us know.
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